When management asked me to fix the database scalability problem by adding an index


When management asked me to fix the database scalability problem by adding an index

Alex's Tech Thoughts: Stop Glorifying Hard Work and Long Hours 



The late night check-outs of your office.

The tweet/check-ins on Saturday and Sunday trying to humblebrag that you work weekends.


Please stop.

No one should glorify working long and hard hours. Working hard does not mean you are working smart or even getting more done. It…

Working long hours is at best a smell and certainly not a quality metric

What happens when you give 4chan images of the Boston Marathon?


They might actually find the guys responsible.

Post Bombing:


Pictures dug up from the same spot as the blast:


Posted on Al jazeera:


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Instagram Engineering: redis-faina: a query analysis tool for Redis 


As we mentioned in our previous blog, we’re big fans of tools and techniques for introspecting our live traffic to see what exactly is going on. One tool we use frequently is PGFouine, a query traffic analyzer for PostgreSQL. We recently found that we also needed a similar tool for Redis,…

Aaron Schaap: Why you don't need a programmer 


Once or twice a month I get the question from an aspiring entrepreneur that’s been pushing their idea forward in hopes to (very soon) create a company out of what they’ve been working so hard on.

They’ve spent countless hours working through all the details of what this new product will do, who…

The timing of this article is personally uncanny, and a lesson well learned for next time. 

Culture is not just the immune system for your company—it is the basis of how you build, function and evolve as a producer of products. It should be omnipresent on your roadmap, given attention and never thought of as an option or afterthought when resources get constrained.

Convore: Convore Shutting Down April 1st 


We’re sad to announce that Convore will be shutting down on April 1st.

We are closing the site in order to focus our time and energy on working on Grove - hosted IRC for teams. We built Grove based on the lessons we learned with Convore and to better fit the needs of our business customers.

… and no answers in sight.

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